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Farm stay & Cultural Tours

The cultural attractions and rituals we provide access to are, among others: basket weaving, cow milking, bee keeping, banana beer production, organic farming, traditional dancing, drumming, storytelling, and village walks

Customarily woven by women, the Agaseke craft is known for its impressive quality, beauty, and cultural importance. The Agaseke basket is traditionally given from mothers to daughters during marriage ceremonies.

Get to work smashing bananas, and grinding sorghum grain on a grinding stone. At the end, enjoy some delicious banana beer with the local women!
Experience a day in the life of Rwandan family, waking up early to feed the animals followed by planting or harvesting local crops. After a work-filled morning, enjoy relaxing with the family with a snack in the shade

Take this opportunity to spend the night with a Rwandan family, learn about, prepare, and enjoy local food. After dinner, listen to stories and experience life in a Rwandan village.

Spend an evening with local community members and learn about Rwanda’s rich history and culture. This activity takes place around the campfire. Come with all your questions.

Minimum Pax: 1

Duration: 3days minimum

Pickup : Any time

Destination : Rwanda

Type: Cultural Tours