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1 Day Mount Kigali Hiking Adventure

Rwanda is a country in central Africa whose geography is mainly dominated by mountains, hence the name 'a country of a thousand hills'. Despite the country having a lot of hills and mountains, Kigali city dwellers, remain left behind, when it comes to recreational hiking experiences. Thus far, people in need of hiking experience would have to make a trip in the north (volcano hike).

This package will offer participants an opportunity of experiencing at first hand a day to day lifestyle of Rwandans, including the use of public transportation, though one can opt for a private drive. A walk along Nyabarongo river where different agricultural activities can be seen, birds singing around will be a delight. A short walk thorough neighboring community and mount Kigali hike where tourist can choose one activity of their own choice, once at the top (zip lining, archery and bungee). A walk home through Nyamirambo neighborhood is recommended, but one may opt out, if tired.


Tour participants

This tour will be open to other participants and the maximum number for one group will be 10 individuals. Note that we can have more than one group a day, and only healthy individuals can join.

Starting time

The tour starts near down town Taxi Park. It will be a once a day tour, and will start everyday at 7:00' AM in the morning.

End point

The end point will be at mount Kigali, Fazenda Sengha. Where after different activities, participants can return back to their hotels (home), or opt for a short walk tour in Nyamirambo to Nyamirambo women center.

Can be customized

Participants can make some minor changes, like on their preferred activities or end point of the tour.

Activities & Transportation

Transportation means will be private vehicle or public transport, depending on participant’s preference. Other activities will be sightseeing, hiking, zip lining, bungee, archery…

What to carry

It is advised for every their own heavy snacks and beverages, bring their rain coats (just in case it may rain), hiking shoes.


From the starting point (down town) to the end point (Fazenda Sengha), would take between 3 to 4 hours.

The cost is 60USD per person for online payment and 50 USD per person for in cash payments. done a group of 4+ will get a 10% discount.

VIP's will add 30USD fare, for pick up and drop off to their hotel.


"Come and enjoy the view of both sides of Kigali, on top of the mountain that holds the city's name"

Minimum Pax: 1

Duration: One day

Pickup : Any time

Destination : Kigali City

Type: Hiking Tour