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Rwagasabo Safaris Rwanda is a Licensed Local Tour Operator in Rwanda specializing in Organizing Gorilla Trekking Safaris and Tours in Rwanda, Wildlife Safaris and Local community-based tours in Rwanda.

As an African Safari Specialist Tour Operator, We offer a full service for arranging and booking Gorilla Trekking Safaris in Rwanda, Chimpanzees tracking, Golden Monkey Tracking, Wildlife Rwanda Safaris, Nature Walks and Birdwatching Tours, Adventure Tours, Holidays in Rwanda, Cultural Heritage Tours, Local Community Experiences, and other adventurous activities in Rwanda Tours.

When you Book with us, you are supporting Kindly our Program “Pollinators” a Local Community Conservation Education Program initiated after the Covid 19 Pandemic to promote community-based Tourism Projects, Protect and Restore, endangered, endemic &native Medicinal Plants and wildflower Species.

For references to what our previous Guests said about us, We recommend you to see our TripAdvisor page reviews. Our passion is to create extraordinary journeys that offer the most authentic experience. We turn your Holidays into a series of adventures.

> We offer good value travel Plans for Tourists Visiting Rwanda.
> Get a unique Rwanda Safaris experience not found anywhere else.
> Itinerary tours and trips customized to meet your travel in Rwanda.

About The Tour Company 

We are an indigenous Tour Operator in Rwanda offering quality safaris with professional staff ready to provide clients with customer-friendly Tour services, wildlife Safaris experience natural environments and at the same time safeguard the conservation of our environment for the benefit of the local communities and the global world.
We have the right procedures put in place to cater to the varied needs and demands of our clientele. Our staff is provided with the right instructions and equipment. Our fleet of vehicles comprises 4 x 4 station wagons, omnibuses, coaches, omnibus, and saloon cars which are properly maintained, reliable, and safe! Tour vehicles have open-design pop-up roofs and guaranteed window seats for easy photography, game viewing, and sightseeing.
Our customized itineraries can be adjusted with precaution to suit individual/group travelers’ needs depending on interests, budgets, and time frames. When you choose to travel with us, you will be dealing directly with us and not any middlemen, thus minimizing the cost of your safari.
We believe that when you choose to travel with us, you will be equally moved by the unique outstanding landscape, a variety of wildlife species, rich cultural diversity, special activities, comfortable accommodation with delicious cuisine, not forgetting the smiles of friendly people which you will treasure forever!